We are organising a number of further courses this summer as follows, online booking on will be available within the next few days, alternatively you can book in the Dinghy Park on Saturday morning.  Please however, confirm your interest in attending some or all of the below ASAP either emailing greatislandsailingclub@gmail.com or contacting Rob Pasley, Centre Principal on 083 3515124

A) 2.5 Day Start Sailing Refresher Training (Location: Whitepoint)

This is aimed at those that have had some sailing experience and can confidently sail in a dinghy either on their own or one other at the same level.  This training is designed for those going forward to for the Direct Assessment and on into the Basic Skills Course in August.  It is also suitable for anyone who already holds a Start Sailing certificate and wants to refresh their knowledge / further develop skills.  This will take place at Whitepoint.

  1. Wednesday 24th July 2.30pm to 5.30pm  (Theory –  On Land)
  2. Thursday 25th July 9.30am to 4.30pm (Sailing Practice)
  3. Friday 26th July 9.30am to 4.30pm (Sailing Practice)

Cost €75 per person

B) Start Sailing Direct Assessment (Location: Marlogue)

For those with sufficient sailing experience (or have attended the above refresher training), a direct assessment is being run on behalf of the club by Sail Cork.  Those that successfully complete the direct assessment will be issued with their Start Sailing certificate and can then progress onto the next level, Basic Skills.  The direct assessment will be run over two afternoons at Marlogue Marina – you must attend both afternoons. 

  1. Wednesday 31st July – 3.00pm to 6.00pm
  2. Thursday 1st August – 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Cost €50 per person

C) Basic Skills Course (Location: Whitepoint)

The Basic Skills Course (level 2) is open to anyone who holds a Start Sailing certificate (or obtains it via the direct assessment above).  This course runs over 10 days at Whitepoint as follows (you must attend the full 10 days as the award is evaluated by continuous assessment):

  1. Monday 12th to Friday 16th August
  2. Monday 10th to Friday 23rd August

Cost €325 per person


  • Book all three and receive €50 discount, total price is €400 (€75 + €50+ €325 – €50)
  • Book two of three and receive €25 discount:
    • A + B = €100 (€75 + €50 – €25)
    • B + C = €350 (€50 + €325 – €25)
    • A + C = €375 (€75 + €325 – €25)